DSPPA Audio Co., Ltd.was founded in 1988, is a global manufacturer of professional audio products. DSPPA is a specialist in developing and producing a range of Public Address devices.

DA Series Amplifiers

2 or 4 Channel Class D

DA2125 $920.00RRP
2 Channels 125Watt 70/100volt line
DA2250 $972.00RRP
2 Channels 250Watt 70/100volt line
DA2500 $1,159.00RRP
2 Channels 500Watt 70/100volt line
DA4060 $950.00RRP
4 Channels 60Watt 70/100volt line
DA4125 $1,235.00RRP
4 Channels 125Watt 70/100volt line
DA4250 $1,525.00RRP
4 Channels 250Watt 70/100volt line


Matrix Mixer 4 x 60watt or 120watt

  • 4 x 60 or 120 watt amp 4Ω 70/100v
  • up to 4 paging mics stations
  • 3 mic input +2 aux
  • MP3 USP and Bluetooth
  • Zone monitor output


Compact Mixer Amplifiers

• D Class Amplifier

• USB Player

• 3 input, 1mic + 1mic or line + 1 line

• 100volt line output

MP9306U (60watt) $270.00 RRP

MP9312U (120watt) $295.00 RRP

MP35II/60II Series

Compact Mixer Amplifiers

• D Class Amplifier

• 3 input, 1mic + 1mic or line + 1 line

• 100/70volt line and 4Ω

• 240volt and 24DC supply

MP35II (30watt) $195.00 RRP

MP60II (60watt) $225.00 RRP


Zone Paging Microphone

 Zone paging mic for MO906

 Up to 4 per MP906 system

DSP Series Passive Speakers

DSP8062 $90.00RRP
4″ 20Watt 8Ω 70/100volt line Black/White
DSP8063 $100.00RRP
5″ 30Watt 8Ω 70/100volt line Black/White
DAP8064 $110.00RRP
6.5″ 40Watt 8Ω 70/100volt line Black/White

DSP Series Active Speakers

DSP6606 $275.00RRP per pair
5″ 2x30Watt  Black/White
DSP6608 $310.00RRP per pair
6.5″ 2x40Watt Black/White

1xMicrophone + 1xLine input
(Pair =  1 active + 1 passive)

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